This year has seen a relentless assault on free speech from the educational and media establishment, but the worst and most insidious of these attacks has come from the “Ruling Classes” particularly the so called center left, who have held sway in the corridors of power for the last 20 years. This privileged and pampered class are contemptuous and¬† terrified of views that differ from theirs particularly if the views are deemed to be right wing. The new definition of right wing would include such heinous sins as believing in national sovereignty, opposing totalitarian religion and worst of all wanting a sensible immigration policy. These “crimes” are the new heresies against the “progressive” orthodoxy of multiculturalism and “no door” immigration. The fact that most people disagree with these policies that have been enforced upon the British people for the past 4o years is ignored by the elite and any who speak against it are silenced as heretics! The modern martyrs to the 21st Century witch hunt are people like Jordan Peterson, Robert Scrutton and of course public enemy number one Tommy Robinson.

Peterson has been no platformed, Scrutton was sacked as a Government adviser and of course Tommy Robinson has and continues to be a figure of hate figure for the Media and political establishment, he has been imprisoned, no platformed from every major social media giant in the world! Now because of the continued slandering of him by the nasty limp wrist-ed political elite and their equal vicious chums in the media, Tommy has been subject to assaults and now death threats so serious that the counter terrorism command have visited him to warn him that he could be murdered at any time.

Now to put the final nail in the freedom coffin our new Home Secretary¬† Sajid Javid has gleefully announced new measure to eradicate “unorthodox opinions” from the web, those who love liberty must stand against the new totalitarian liberals, our battle will be costly but we must fight for free speech and liberty no matter the cost.

This is the battle of our age will you fight it?